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~breaking bed

loosely strung silence
canopies the absence found in
a familiar room

observe the detail taken to stitch a bed
spread of uncertainty

measure the seam’s strength
when stretched more than a decade deep
the same distance found between
two bodies
the way it hems a hollowness heavier than
our own breathing

notice how the fabric frays
splits the darkening air

curses flung about like damp feathers
like disoriented shadows, framed

and lengthening the wall
By Lori Hamilton, © 2015, All rights reserved.


~the change

late september

and the thicker wind


an impatient narrative of blackbirds

is angered

angled against an earl grey sky

clouds steeping in the wait

her field has grown


relieved of its bearing

barnwalls weakened where

the hen no longer lays

and a same forgetful sun sets

farther south

flushed over long sentences of spruce

pine cones mature

quickening the calendar

perhaps the resting canada geese

observe how half a century


a wrinkled reflection

prepares for the coming fall


By Lori Hamilton, © 2015, All rights reserved.

~notes on winemaking

    tilt your head, small bird
listen to the coming rain moisten
the tree as she
lifts her leaves to flirt with

observe the way her slight limbs
the delicate shape of her boughs
arcing against the plum skin of a
thundering sky
until plump clouds burst
blackberries to wine

tilt your head, small bird
as she flowers like dogwood

lah  7.9.15




it almost alarms

how hours countdown

and wall shadows fall into place

a puzzle of curves

the slow ache of four hands

each second they caress

their insistent movement

               one positioned against another

the continuity of soft-ticking


circulation and movement

                so blithe

stroking with synchronized


until bells peal

a terpsichore of twelve romans 

              chiming in climax

measuring the moments

the distance between

darkness and light

©  lori hamilton