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~because addiction is a bitch

the sun has yet to reach the east. in this thin-skinned room of dark hours comes a gathering of static & hallucinations. too many coronas, too many blunts & a labyrinth of unlabeled, unprescribed brown bottles litter the floor. clockhands crawl the wall, pointing, as if to mock his unsleep. photos tremble, echo the missing voices of a summer, passed away. he buries the unraveling; ink on the page, ink on the skin. night is needling him. night is heavy with fireflies, heavy with owls.

behind the steel bars
appears the lonely June moon
again & again

this could be
the beginning
of a poem

the crumbling
of words
to creosote
& bone ash

a cauterization
of metaphors
before the spread

like tumors
like rumors

wild throats swallow
xanax with pez
wash down whiskey
with jagermeister
& cans of diet cocaine

he will stand at the altar
recite bible passages
to skeletons of
a former self
to angels
with glittered wings

when a lost son rises
whole again, the wind
returns to the sky
lah 5.15.16 ©®


~exhaling mindclouds

fingers spread words coming late

to the page, drawn on

like cigarettes from fourth stage


a slight breath measured in winter air

or the pale laced waiting of vows


as if an untold sequence of pauses

attempts to hold up an aging sky

the slow fall of an intoxicated horizon

always twelve steps away

unwilling to find the calming light

in an anonymous


to wash jaundice from dilated irises

lah 7.13.15

By Lori Hamilton, © 2015, All rights reserved.