~the nature of things



I only write small details

for instance, the way a softening sun

leans earthward
as it pawns its grace

wilts with the west-wind

and an uncertain sky quietly aborts
its crying clouds
as a half-written alphabet of
collapses to the ground

hooved arcs are left like commas to
punctuate this field of contemptuous

there’s a cancer contained in my
its dead skin decomposes
beneath a sterile white bandage

these tumored trees
cradle knots in broken bark 

coagulate the sounds of
gasping air

their small breaths
their shadows falling


the hemlocks wait impatiently
to dance
to drop their lacy cotton dresses
as an expression of discontent

to sway in the sun like cruelly

beautiful women

 ©  lori hamilton


2 responses to “~the nature of things

  1. thank you so much, lynda. 🙂

  2. This is beautiful, Lori! Love this one.

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