~notes on unknowing



  inevitably there came

  an interruption

  and in a childhood autumn

  the appalachians fell

  from blue

  thundered upon themselves

  the way a volcano vents

  its frustration

  as if to end the heated anger

               and begin again

  I was a stunted sunflower

  unaligned in this situation

  hanging horizontal, hoping

  to catch what was left

  of the setting sun

  and october pressed against me

              like salted clay

  copper melted to forge 

  those long forgotten rivers

  as I finger-sieved foothills

  destroyed in the crumble

  hands troweled through

  a month of midnights

  to seed an uneven wind

               with birthroot and 


  while I pried apart the shadows

  nailed to fence-posts

  ages buried beneath crabgrass

               and sage

  I waded deep hours

  with no gravity


  for winterlong breaths

  to purify the air

  to baptize me in snowmelt

  and regrow my mountains

  ©  lori hamilton


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