moon is planted shallow tonight

clouded above the sleeping


another black night’s undisturbed

concentration ties knots

in this semblance of air

and it’s here, where sky meets cedar

there exists a language known only

to darkness and owls

there’s no offering of water

from the stream

no blue pressing the ground

hours of lethargic hours

await the spring thaw

breath as white as tombstones

that kneel beside a bedful of

naked wind

those miles of undermining snow

the quietude is

what remains of winter’s fire

how many months does it take to remember

greenfoam singing to the reeds

and a tender curve of fetal


the tilt and swirl of hummingbirds

a brief flowering

©  lori hamiton


2 responses to “~queue

  1. I love this, Lori! Beautiful!

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